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Color Splash - Creative Grooming

Color splash is a fun way to show off your pets unique personality! We have a variety of colors to choose from & the possibilities are endless. We understand that this service may not be for everyone, and that is okay. Our choice to offer this service to interested pet parents does not effect the quality of our services. All dye is pet safe. Semi Permanent: Lasts several months (in most cases) & fades- repeat color splash recommended. Best for all over deep vibrant color. Temporary: Washes away within a few spa days. Applied via airbrush, best for colorful accents. Each pets coat is unique and dye may differ in color and consistency. Best results with lighter colored dogs. We currently do not offer full body dye. Pricing subject to change, larger dog pricing will require consult. Pricing below depicted as small dogs.



(single color) - $10.00 / (multi color) - $15.00

Full Body Mohawk

(single color) - $30.00 / (multi color) - $40.00

Ears & Tail

(single color) - $20.00 / (multi color) - $25.00-$35.00 / add feet $5.00

Rainbow Dog


Creative Tattoo Design


Color splash appointments are limited in availability.

{appointment(s) must be booked in advance- no walk in dye requests will be accepted}

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