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About Our Salon

Our salon was created with your pets comfort and safety in mind by a senior animal industry expert and fellow pet lovers. We take pride in our unique salon, services, and excellent care for our clients and their pets. We invite you to see the difference in pet care today!


Due to having an accommodating play area in our lobby we this unique feature allows rascals to relax and have fun before and after grooming services. Although we have kennels available for use (if needed) this option allows rascals to become more comfortable and enjoy their spa day more! This feature is also well suited for rascals who have trouble being kenneled / crated. However we have professional kennels that can be used (if needed.) Kenneling pets that aren't socialized may be required.

Or kenneling pets on a busy / over flow day may be needed. Of course you will be called as soon as your rascal(s) are ready for pick up. Although we love this area and appreciate the company we kindly request that rascals are picked up within 2 hours of service completion to avoid having an over filled salon that could compromise comfort and safety to other guests.

If your dogs can't be kenneled for any reason additional fees to reserve the daycare area or to book a "express grooming" time slot will be required. "Express Grooming" is a 9am appointment only, where your rascal(s) is / are the first dog(s) of the day. Our goal is to keep your pets in our care for as little time as possible with safety & quality in mind. If your dog's can't be kenneled nor utilize our play area an express grooming appointment at 9am would be required. Although we do our best to not have extended appointments, we design our daily schedule with service request and size of dog in mind. We book one on one sessions and preform in depth services. Services do typically take a few hours. Despite our efforts to avoid delays, at times it can happen later in the day as when we book we can't physically assess dog's when booking so coat conditions and behaviors can potentially delay other appointments. Again we work diligently to avoid this, but pride ourselves in honesty. Thus if your pet has special needs and / you would like a potentially quicker process we kindly suggest the express grooming option, at additional cost. If you would like to book our daycare area for after services, a daycare fee per dog will apply. With both options you will be contacted 30 minutes prior to your dog(s) being complete. We kindly request that you coordinate your schedule to pick up in a timely manner so we can utilize this area for other guests. Express Grooming appointments (at 9am) require additional fees of $10.00 - $15.00 per dog for a convenience factor. This is an industry standard.


Tuesday - Saturday 9am-5pm
Our daycare hours are within business hours. We understand that these hours may conflict with some pet parents schedules. We do have fur-tastic referrals to local daycare and boarding providers if needed.

Due to our limited space daycare is not offered for larger breeds, we'd be happy to refer other daycare providers that offer a more stimulating environment for larger rascals.


Full Day: $20.00
Half Day: $15.00
2 Hours: $7.00

Same family rascals will receive $5.00 off.
(not valid for 2 hour daycare option)
Discounts do not apply for this feature

Our daycare area was designed for your rascals comfort! Just like grooming & training, socialization is important for your pet’s health. We are happy to offer daycare for socialization purposes, for the working pet parents or for running errands. Your rascals can take it easy in our air conditioned suite with fresh water, toys, fellow rascals to play with and more! All daycare participants are required to undergo an evaluation prior to joining the play group, this is to ensure that your rascal(s) is/are comfortable in the open play environment. The evaluation and enrollment for daycare is a onetime only process. As always at Natalie’s Rascals your pets comfort and safety are number one thus all daycare guests will be monitored by our qualified team. Our daycare may be smaller, but it still has a lot to offer. Its inmate size allows us to have a select few rascals playing each day; which can be great for rascals that are on the shy side. Like all pets that walk, pounce, and run through our doors all rascals that participate in open play must follow our vaccine requirements.
Un-altered pets over 9 months old won't be accepted in daycare


At Natalie’s Rascals we want to ensure your rascals are comfortable and safe. Your rascal’s best interest is always in our mind set. If for any reason we notice that your rascals isn’t thriving in the open play environment we will notify you accordingly. Although our evaluation process is in depth if we notice any signs of aggression or bullying your rascal will be subjected to dismissal from our daycare program. This is to ensure the safety for your rascal, other rascals and our care givers. If you notice your dog is not feeling well please refrain from placing him/her in open play. If we notice your rascal is not feeling well (example: runny stool) we will notify you immediately, and your rascal may be removed from the play group until you are available for pick up. There is no food allowed in open play, if you would like to bring a snack or lunch for your rascal to have during the day we will be happy to give him/her a private area in the afternoon to take a break from the other rascals.
If a rascal exhibits toy aggression, we will pull toys from the play group during that rascals play session.

Special Needs Accepted!
We have two vet assistants on staff that are trained in medication administration, so if you dog needs medication during the day we can stick to your schedule at no extra change. This includes insulin injections.

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